Our Company

Mine All Sell Painting and Home Restorations is an independently owned, Saegertown, Pennsylvania based commercial and residential interior/exterior painting company that was established in 2006, by Benedict McGowan. Mine All Sell Painting and Home restorations has some of the highest customer satisfaction ratings around with regards to the quality of workmanship they provide, with professionalism, and courtesy. a licensed, bonded and insured general contractor, Mine All Sell, is a full-service interior/exterior painting company that can handle all aspects of any size residential, historical, or commercial project, from start to finish.

A painter and contractor with over 25 years of experience, the owner and founder, Benedict McGowan has put together a team of qualified individuals to help both business owners and homeowner’s to maintain, beautify, and protect their property investments, from Crawford county here in Pennsylvania to across the United States.
And if you ever have the misfortune to suffer from a natural disaster, they have the experience to restore any part of your home to it’s original condition.

I Benedict McGowan, follow the philosophy of quality and exceeding a customers expectation, the guiding principle behind every project and intention of myself and Mine All Sell Painting and Home restorations.

“Poor quality craftsmanship, workmanship, or labor of any kind, is nothing more then wasted energy for those providing the work and in the case of a home, a waste of money for the homeowner!

A painting job that lasts starts with a contractor who is knowledgeable, experienced and preps thoroughly, I am a contractor who takes the time with the initial inspection of a properties condition, having an eye for detail with the experience to know where the potential trouble spots may be in any structure. The estimate is prepared with great attention to these details and shared with the potential customer where everything is explained and understood by the homeowner, so there are no hidden fee’s.

Questions are both answered and understood, followed by an agreement by the all parties involved before the beginning of any project, with this knowledge gained as to the exact procedure to be followed,
In short, each job is unique, so to insure the highest quality result, and a professional job that lasts, I am sincerely concerned with the customers total satisfaction, and that is why i stand behind a 3 year workmanship warranty behind all work I undertake and only use the best products

For me and my company the most important thing is always keeping the customer in mind with everything you do and always keep the lines of communication open, and most important, listen to their concerns and act appropriately. Without an open line of communication, a disaster lurks.”

…Benedict McGowan
Quoted from a painting contractors convention
Charleston, South Carolina, in 2002.

Pennsylvania Contractors License number
Pa 101090
T L Robertson Liability Policy Number